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Brand new


a 22 cm light brown mohair bunny, 
dressed in wool felt red uniform with gold embellishments.

Okke 1.jpg
Okke 2.jpg
Okke 3.jpg
Okke 4.jpg
Okke 5.jpg

Little Bob, 
a 15 cm light brown mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a leather neck collar with 

Little Bob 1.jpg
Little Bob 2.jpg
Little Bob 3 .jpg
Little Bob 4.jpg
Little Bob 5.jpg

an 18 cm light brown colored mohair mouse, 
wearing a handknitted sweater with little duck design.

Jip 1.jpg
Jip 2.jpg
Jip 3.jpg
Jip 4.jpg
Jip 5.jpg

Little White,
an off-white mohair teddy bear.

Little white 1.jpg
Little white 2.jpg
Little white 3.jpg
Little white 4.jpg
Little white 5.jpg

an off-white mohair mouse, 
dressed in harlequin style.

Cas 1.jpg
Cas 2.jpg
Cas 3.jpg
Cas 4.jpg
Cas 5.jpg

 a 50 cm pale caramel colored mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a wool felt light blue uniform with silver trim and embellishments. 
 Has a growling voice.

Winston 1.jpg
Winston 2.jpg
Winston 3.jpg
Winston 4.jpg
Winston 5.jpg
Winston 6.jpg
Winston 7.jpg
Winston 9.jpg

a 35 cm sand colored long curly mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a uniform style jacket made of wool felt with gold embellishments.

Christophs 1.jpg
Christophs 2.jpg
Christophs 3.jpg
Christophs 4.jpg
Christophs 5.jpg
Christophs 6.jpg

a 40 cm creme colored curly mohair, musical teddy bear. 
When pulling the cord at the back he plays a lovely tune.

Gene 1.jpg
Gene 2.jpg
Gene 3.jpg
Gene 4.jpg
Gene 5.jpg
Gene 6.jpg
Gene 7.jpg
Gene 8.jpg

a 47 cm pale caramel colored curly mohair teddy bear. 
With a growl, wearing a genuine leather school bag. 

Clarck 1.jpg
Clack 2.jpg
Clack 4.jpg
Clarck 5.jpg
Clarck 6.jpg
Clack 7.jpg
Clack 8.jpg

a 50 cm long curly taupe colored mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a jacquard harlequin outfit. 
With handheld jester head

Harlequinos 1.jpg
Harlequinos 3.jpg
Harlequinos 4.jpg
Harlequinos 5.jpg
Harlequinos 6.jpg
Harlequinos 7.jpg
Harlequinos 8.jpg
Harlequinos 9.jpg

a 60 cm hand dyed creme curly mohair teddy bear, 
with a bow made of old ribbon. With crawl.

Milos 1.jpg
Milos 2.jpg
Milos 3.jpg
Milos 4.jpg
Milos 5.jpg
Milos 6.jpg
Milos 7.jpg
Milos 8.jpg
Milos 9.jpg
Milos 10.jpg

 a 35 cm sand colored mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a beautiful old lace dress, 
comes with little teddy 8 cm and small old doll pram.

Jasmijn 1.jpg
Jasmijn 2.jpg
Jasmijn 3.jpg
Jasmijn 4.jpg
Jasmijn 5.jpg
Jasmijn 6.jpg
Jasmijn 7.jpg
Jasmijn 8.jpg

an 18 cm light brown mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a hand knitted dress.

Celes 1.jpg
Celes 2.jpg
Celes 3.jpg
Celes 4.jpg
Celes 5.jpg

an 18 cm light caramel colored teddy bear, 
wearing a hand knitted hat and dress.

Clair 1.jpg
Clair 2.jpg
Clair 3.jpg
Clair 4.jpg
Clair 5.jpg

an 18 cm light brown mohair mousy, 
wearing a hand knitted dress.

Chinouk 1.jpg
Chinouk 2.jpg
Chinouk 3.jpg
Chinouk 4.jpg
Chinouk 5.jpg

 a 28 cm light brown/ blue mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a leather collar with bells.

Santino 1.jpg
Santino 2.jpg
Santino 3.jpg
Santino 4.jpg
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