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Brand new


Simply red,
a 45 cm hand dyed red long curly mohair teddy bear, 
wearing leather collar with bells

Simply 1.jpg
Simply 2.jpg
Simply 3.jpg
Simply 4.jpg
Simply 5.jpg

a 17 cm caramel colored mohair mouse , 
wearing a waistcoat with fancy watch.

Boys 2.jpg
Boys 3.jpg
Boys 4.jpg

Kevin ,
a 28 cm light brown long curly mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a leather collar with bells.

Kevin 1.jpg
Kevin 2.jpg
Kevin 3.jpg
Kevin 4.jpg

Trudy , 
a 23 cm blond curly mohair long eared rabbit wearing a lace dress. 

Trudy 1.jpg
Trudy 2.jpg
Trudy 3.jpg
Trudy 4.jpg

35 cm creme colored long pile mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a silk harlequin outfit with tule collar and hat.

Arko 1.jpg
Arko 2.jpg
Arko 3.jpg
Arko 4.jpg
Arko 5.jpg
Arko 6.jpg

an 24 cm ( excl. ears), creme colored mohair bunny, 
wearing a pure silk harlequin outfit in pink 
with gold and a tulle collar.

Peter 1.jpg
Peter 2.jpg
Peter 3.jpg
Peter 4.jpg
Peter 5.jpg

 a 45 cm light caramel colored long curly mohair teddy bear.

Tom 1.jpg
Tom 2.jpg
Tom 3.jpg
Tom 4.jpg
Tom 5.jpg
Tom 6.jpg

a light taupe colored long curly mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a beautiful wool felt uniform 
lots of details and embellishments. 

Roderick 1.jpg
Roderick 2.jpg
Roderick 3.jpg
Roderick 4.jpg
Roderick 5.jpg
Roderick 6.jpg
Roderick 7.jpg
Roderick 8.jpg

a 30 cm ( excl, ears) off-white mohair 
Harlequin Hare, 
wearing silk hat and collar.

Joeps 1.jpg
Joeps 2.jpg
Joeps 3.jpg
Joeps 4.jpg
Joeps 5.jpg
Joeps 6.jpg

Angela the Ballerina, 
a 25 cm mid brown mohair teddy bear, wearing a tutu made of silk, lace and tule. 
Embellished with pearl beading and wearing a crown also with pearls, 
comes with her own point shoes

Angela 1.jpg
Angela 2.jpg
Angela 3.jpg
Angela 4.jpg
Angela 5.jpg

a 30 cm ( excl. ears) caramel colored mohair Bunny, 
wearing a waistcoat with fancy pocket watch.

Randie 1.jpg
Randie 2.jpg
Randie 3.jpg
Randie 4.jpg
Randie 5.jpg

Alain ,
a 36 cm (excl. ears) light taupe long curly mohair bunny, 
wearing a black felt uniform with gold trimmings and buttons

Alain 1.jpg
Alain 2.jpg
Alain 3.jpg
Alain 4.jpg
Alain 5.jpg
Alain 6.jpg

a 40 cm off-white mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a wool felt uniform in black and red with gold buttons, 
trimmings and embellishments.

Massimo 1.jpg
Massimo 2.jpg
Massimo 3.jpg
Massimo 4.jpg
Massimo 5.jpg
Massimo 6.jpg

a 36 cm ( excl ears) off-white long curly mohair ballet hare, 
wearing a tutu made of silk and old lace and tule. 
Comes with little point shoes

Alida 1.jpg
Alida 2.jpg
Alida 3.jpg
Alida 4.jpg
Alida 5.jpg
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