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Brand new


a 37 cm ( excl. ears) white curly mohair bunny, 
wearing a tutu made out off old lace, 
silk and tule.
Comes with little point shoes..

Lizt 1.jpg
Lizt 2.jpg
Lizt 3.jpg
Lizt 4.jpg

a 35 cm pale corn blond long curly mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a flower neck piece..

Gaby 1.jpg
Gaby 2.jpg
Gaby 3.jpg
Gaby 4.jpg

a 40 cm pale corn blond long curly mohair teddy bear, 
wearing an antique dress plus a head piece made of old flowers.
 Comes with brooche and little horse.

Lucille 1.jpg
Lucille 2.jpg
Lucille 3.jpg
Lucille 4.jpg

Musical Teddy Marlene, 
a 52 cm beige colored very soft long pile alpaca teddy bear. 
Wearing a flower headpiece made of old flowers plus old silk ribbon bow. 
When pulling the small cord at the back it plays a lovely tune.

Marlenes 1.jpg
Marlenes 2.jpg
Marlenes 3.jpg
Marlenes 4.jpg
Marlenes 5.jpg

a 30 cm ( excl ears) light brown 
off-white mohair bunny, 
wearing a wool crepe with embroidery.

Rosalie 1.jpg
Rosalie 2.jpg
Rosalie 3.jpg
Rosalie 4.jpg
Rosalie 5.jpg

The Lady, 
a 35 cm light blond mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a gold lace and light bleu silk bodice and hat. 
Included a little bag.

The lady 1.jpg
The lady 2.jpg
The lady 3.jpg
The lady 4.jpg
The lady 5.jpg
The Lady 6.jpg

Lord Parcifal, 
a 48 cm blond long curly mohair teddy bear. 
Wearing a jacquard woven silk blend coat with fabric covered buttons 
a silk/metal ruffled chabot and cuffs .

Parcifal 1.jpg
Parcival 2.jpg
Parcival 3.jpg
Parcifal 4.jpg
Parcifal 5.jpg

an 18 cm brown viscose teddy bear, 
wearing a waistcoat with fancy pocket watch and leather shoes.

Garry 1.jpg
Garry 2.jpg
Garry 3.jpg

an 18 cm (excl. ears) off-white mohair bunny wearing a hand knitted cardigan.

Tara 1.jpg
Tara 2.jpg
Tara 3.jpg

a 35 cm pale pink mohair teddy bear, wearing a harlequin hat and collar. 

Djang 1.jpg
Djang 2.jpg
Djang 3.jpg
Djang 4.jpg
Djang 5.jpg

a 48 cm light brown long curly mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a red and black wool felt uniform with gold trimmings and buttons.

Archibald 1.jpg
Archibald 2.jpg
Archibald 3.jpg
Archibald 4.jpg
Archibald 5.jpg
Archibald 6.jpg
Archibald 7.jpg

Baby Girl, 
a 18 cm viscose pale pink colored teddy bear, has a silver plated rattle

Baby girl 1.jpg
Baby girl 2.jpg
Baby girl 3.jpg
Baby girl 4.jpg

Baby Boy, 
a 18 cm viscose creme colored teddy bear, 
has a teething ring with silver plated hare pendant.

Baby boy 1.jpg
Baby boy 2.jpg
Baby boy 3.jpg
Baby boy 4.jpg

a 23 cm (excl. ears ) light brown mohair bunny,
wearing a dress made of old lace with matching handbag.

Serona 1.jpg
Serona 2.jpg
Serona 3.jpg
Serona 4.jpg

Aegidius the mini pirate, 
a 30 cm dark blond long curly mohair, teddy bear. 
Wearing a pirates outfit made of deep red velvet, 
with many accessories including a real functional pocket watch.

Aegidius 1.jpg
Aegidius 2.jpg
Aegidius 3.jpg
Aegidius 4.jpg

a 25 cm light taupe colored viscose teddy bear,
 wearing an uniform outfit.

Dexters 1.jpg
Dexters 2.jpg
Dexters 3.jpg
Dexters 4.jpg
Dexters 5.jpg

a 30 light taupe colored viscose teddy bear, wearing an uniform out fit.

Damien 1.jpg
Damien 2.jpg
Damien 3.jpg
Damien 4.jpg
Damien 5.jpg

Sammy musical bear, 
a 50 cm pale yellow blond long curly mohair teddy bear. 
With silk flower accessories. 
When pulling the cord at the back it play a lovely tune.

Sammy 1.jpg
Sammy 2.jpg
Sammy 3.jpg
Sammy 4.jpg
Sammy 5.jpg
Sammy 6.jpg

Steampunk Rabbit, 
a 36 cm (excl. ears)  blond long curly mohair rabbit, 
wearing a steampunk outfit.

STP Rabbit 1.jpg
STP Rabbit 2.jpg
STP Rabbit 3.jpg
STP Rabbit 4.jpg
STP Rabbit  5.jpg
STP Rabbit 6.jpg
STP Rabbit 7.jpg

a 42 cm light brown long curly mohair teddy bear. 
Wearing an off-white wool felt uniform with gold buttons and trimmings.

Wolfgang 1.jpg
Wolfgang 2.jpg
Wolfgang 3.jpg
Wolfgang 4.jpg
Wolfgang 5.jpg

Blacky the Rabbit ,
 a 35 cm (excl. ears) bunny, made of 2 types of mohair. 
Long pile very soft to the touch mohair and curly mohair. 
Round his neck a leather collar with antique brass colored bells.

Black Bunny 1.jpg
Black Bunny 2.jpg
Black Bunny 3.jpg
Black Bunny 4.jpg
Black Bunny 5.jpg
Black Bunny 6.jpg

Black Bear, 
a 50 cm black mohair teddy bear, 
long pile mohair very soft to the touch. 
He is wearing a leather collar with antique copper colored bells.

Black bear 1.jpg
Black bear 2.jpg
Black Bear 3.jpg
Black Bear 4.jpg
Black Bear 5.jpg
Black Bear 6.jpg
Black Bear 7.jpg
Black Bear 8.jpg

a 28 cm pale pink mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a harlequin hat plus collar made of ribbon and lace.

Eco 1.jpg
Eco 2.jpg
Eco 3.jpg
Eco 4.jpg
Eco 5.jpg

Navy Dieko, 
a 30 cm beige viscose fur teddy bear, wearing a wool felt navy uniform.

Navy Dieko 1.jpg
Navy Dieko 2.jpg
Navy Dieko 3.jpg
Navy Dieko 4.jpg
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