Brand new - Anna Hoo

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Brand new


a 30 cm blond mohair teddy bear, 
white flower printed dress made out of old fabric.

Mabel 4.jpg
Mabel 1.jpg
Mabel 2 .jpg
Mabel 3.jpg

a 14 cm off-white mohair mouse, 
wearing a hand knitted cardigan.

Carola 1.jpg
Carola 2.jpg
Carola 3.jpg

Catalijne ,
an 18 cm light brown mohair mouse, 
dressed in real fine tread hand knitted dress plus separate collar.

Catalijne 1.jpg
Catalijne 2.jpg
Catalijne 3.jpg

a 25 cm  long blond curly mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a dress made of old lace and a hand knitted mohair-silk blend cardigan.

Frieda 1.jpg
Frieda 2.jpg
Frieda 3.jpg
Frieda 4.jpg

a 18 CM light brown mohair bunny, 
wearing a sailor's outfit.

Leroy 1.jpg
Leroy 2.jpg
Leroy 3.jpg
Leroy 4.jpg

Percy , 
a 20 cm off-white mohair teddy bear.

Percy 1.jpg
Percy 2.jpg
Percy 3.jpg
Percy 4.jpg

a 22 cm ( excl. ears) off-white mohair bunny, 
wearing a sailor's jacket.

Lard 1.jpg
Lard 2.jpg
Lard 3.jpg
Lard 4.jpg
Lard 5.jpg
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