X-Mas - Anna Hoo

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The Christmas Collection 2019
Anna Hoo


Christmas Rabbit , 
an 18 cm (excl. ears) rabbit in a christmas outfit.

Christmas Rabbit 1.jpg
Christmas Rabbit 2.jpg
Christmas Rabbit 3.jpg
Christmas Rabbit 4.jpg

Lady Christmas,
a 50 cm long blond curly mohair, musical teddy bear. 
Wearing a Christmas coat and hat. 
When pulling the smaal cord at the back it plays a lovely tune.

L Christmas 1.jpg
L Christmas 2.jpg
L Christmas 3.jpg
L Christmas 4.jpg
L Christmas 5.jpg
L Christmas 6.jpg

Christmas Mouse, 
a 18 cm brown mohair mouse wearing a christmas coat.

Christmas mouse 1.jpg
Christmas mouse 2.jpg
Christmas mouse 3.jpg
Chirstmas mouse 4.jpg

a 28 cm brown mohair teddy bear, wearing a christmas coat and hat.

Sophie 1.jpg
Sophie 2.jpg
Sophie 3.jpg
Sophie 4.jpg
Sophie 5.jpg

Mister Christmas,
a 60 cm brown long curly mohair wearing a velvet christmas hat and a bow with bells.

MR Christmas 1.jpg
MR Christmas 2.jpg
MR Christmas 3.jpg
MR Christmas 4.jpg
MR Christmas 5.jpg

a 40 cm off-white mohair teddy bear. 
Dressed in seasonal outfit a Christmas hat with neck decoration made of ribbons and balls.

Snowflake 1.jpg
Snowflake 2.jpg
Snowflake 3.jpg
Snowflake 4.jpg
Snowflake 5.jpg
Snowflake 6.jpg
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