Gallery 17 - Anna Hoo

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Gallery 17

a 34 cm pale pistachio colored viscose teddy bear. 
On its belly, she has an art print with lace trim.

Rody 1.jpg
Rody 2.jpg
Rody 3.jpg
Rody 4.jpg

a28 cm blond mohair teddy bear, wearing a tulle collar and velt hat

Erno 1.jpg
Erno 2.jpg
Erno 3.jpg
Erno 4.jpg

a 40 cm blond mohair teddy bear, wearing a taffeta outfit trimmed with gold trim and tulle collar

Elgar 1.jpg
Elgar 2.jpg
Elgar 3.jpg
Elgar 4.jpg

 a 50 cm blond mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a harlequin outfit made in haute couture style. 
Suit and hat made of diamond shaped pieces of taffeta fabric each one sewn individual togeather. 
Collar made of ruffled tulle 2nd collar diamond shaped Taffeta. 
Holding in his paw an original Venetian mask made of paper mash and finished in antique gold leaf.

Fedo 1.jpg
Fedo 2.jpg
Fedo 3.jpg
Fedo 4.jpg
Fedo 5.jpg

Mister Black, 
a 45 CM soft long mohair black teddy bear, 
exclusive mohair very soft to the touch and silk bow round his neck

Mister bear 1.jpg
Mister bear 2.jpg
Mister bear 3.jpg
Mister bear 4.jpg

a 50 cm soft long curly mohair panda bear, wearing silk bow.

Xing-Ya 1.jpg
Xing-Ya 2.jpg
Xing-Ya 3.jpg
Xing-Ya 4.jpg
Xing-Ya 5.jpg

28 cm dark blond mohair teddy bear, wearing old lace suit and leather bag.

Wilka 1.jpg
Wilka 2.jpg
Wilka 3.jpg
Wilka 4.jpg

Liza ,
34 CM creme colored curly mohair hare. height is 34 cm excl ears.

Liza 1.jpg
Liza 2.jpg
Liza 3.jpg
Liza 4.jpg

60 cm creme colored long curly mohair teddy bear, 
wearing leather neck collar with rusted bells, with voice crawl.

Quincy 1.jpg
Quincy 2.jpg
Quincy 3.jpg
Quincy 4.jpg
Quincy 5.jpg

Musical bear "Delphine" 
Delphine a 48 cm tall teddy bear made of long curly mohair in creme color. 
Wearing headpiece with old flowers and beading.
Plays Schubert's Lullaby when pulling cord at back. 

Delphine 1.jpg
Delphine 2.jpg
Delphine 3.jpg
Delphine 4.jpg
Delphine 5.jpg

Johnny D the Pirate, 
a 50 cm light brown mohair, pirate teddy bear. 
Wearing velvet burgundy red embellished with old gold metal wire tape pirate coat , 
a brocade waistcoats, the cuffs and jabot are made of old lace. 
Genuine leather had with bullion crest. Lost off accessories as a genuine leather belt, saber, necklace, 
key plus a functional pocket watch and a bandanna made of taffeta silk and pirate charms. 

Johnny D 1.jpg
Johnny D 2.jpg
Johnny D 3.jpg
Johnny D 4.jpg
Johnny D 5.jpg
Johnny D 6.jpg
Johnny D 7.jpg
Johnny D 8.jpg
Johnny D 9.jpg

Baby Bear BB,
 a 14 cm teddy bear with silk ribbon bow 
teething ring made of horn ring and vintage look bangles.

Baby Bear BB 1.jpg
Baby Bear BB 2.jpg
Baby Bear BB 3.jpg

 an 18 cm pale pink and white mohair hare with silk ribbon bow

Mirja 1.jpg
Mirja 2.jpg
Mirja 3.jpg
Mirja 4.jpg

a 16 cm blond-gray mohair teddy bear, wearing a leather collar with bells.

Gidi 1.jpg
Gidi 2.jpg
Gidi 3.jpg

an 18 cm grey-blond mohair teddy bear, wearing as leather collar with rusted bells

Fons 1.jpg
Fons en Gidi 2.jpg
Fons 3.jpg
Fons 4.jpg

a 34 cm blond mohair teddy bear, wearing a dress made of old lace 
batist fabric plus hand knitted cardigan in drop needle stitch with lace effect.

Britt 1.jpg
Britt 2.jpg
Britt 3.jpg
Britt 4.jpg
Britt 5.jpg
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