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Brand New


Miss Chanel,
 a 36 cm blond mohair teddy bear, in full "chanel"outfit

M chanel 1.jpg
M chanel 2.jpg
M chanel 3.jpg
M chanel 4.jpg
M chanel 5.jpg
M chanel 6.jpg

a 36 cm ash blond mohair teddy bear, in a harlequin outfit.

Arun 1.jpg
Arun 2.jpg
Arun 3.jpg
Arun 4.jpg
Arun 5.jpg
Arun 6.jpg

a 50 cm very soft long, very exclusive quality mohair.

Harlequinoo 1.jpg
Harlequinoo 2.jpg
Harlequinoo 3.jpg
Harlequinoo 4.jpg
Harlequinoo 5.jpg
Harlequinoo 6.jpg

Orlando ,
a 36 cm blond mohair teddy bear, wearing a pirate's outfit. 

Orlandos 1.jpg
Orlandos 2.jpg
Orlandos 3.jpg
Orlandos 4.jpg
Orlandos 5.jpg
Orlandos 6.jpg
Orlandos 7.jpg

a 40 cm light blond mohair teddy bear, 
she is wearing a lovely dress made of lace and adorned with beautiful flowers.

Sacha 1.jpg
Sacha 2.jpg
Sacha 3.jpg
Sacha 4.jpg
Sacha 5.jpg
Sacha 6.jpg

Nina the prima ballerina at Swan lake,
a 40 cm blond mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a ballerina's out fit with feather headpiece and miniature point shoes.

Nina 1.jpg
Nina 2.jpg
Nina 3.jpg
Nina 4.jpg
Nina 6.jpg
Nina 7.jpg
Nina 8.jpg

a 50 cm long blond mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a fancy uniform made of wool felt with gold trimmings and buttons, 
comes with a mini sword and medal.

Sylvano 1.jpg
Sylvano 2.jpg
Sylvano 3.jpg
Sylvano 4.jpg
Sylvano 5.jpg

Little Pirate Dicky, 
a 28 cm blond mohair teddy bear, in a pirate's outfit.

Dicky 1.jpg
Dicky 2.jpg
Dicky 3.jpg
Dicky 4.jpg
Dicky 5.jpg

Barbarius the Pirate, 
a 40 cm long tip mohair teddy bear, 
in a pirate's outfit with lost of accessories, 
including a real working pocket watch and a genuine leather hat.

Barbarius P 1.jpg
Barbarius P 2.jpg
Barbarius P 3.jpg
Barbarius P 4.jpg
Barbarius P 5.jpg
Barbarius P 6.jpg
Barbarius P 7.jpg

a 32 cm (excl. ears) crème colored viscose pile Bunny.
 She is wearing a hand-knitted dress.


a 34 cm off-white mohair Bunny, 
wearing a nautical fancy uniform made of navy-blue wool felt 
 gold trimmings and buttons.

Lucas 1.jpg
Lucas 2.jpg
Lucas 3.jpg
Lucas 4.jpg
Lucas 5.jpg

a 40cm off-white mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a wool felt marine blue uniform with silver colored buttons, 
trimming and embroideries.

Bernard 1.jpg
Bernard 2.jpg
Bernard 3.jpg
Bernard 4.jpg
Bernard 5.jpg
Bernard 6.jpg

Lady Lilac, 
a 36 cm pale lilac mohair teddy bear, wearing a hand made hat. 

Lady Lilac 1.jpg
Lady Lilac 2.jpg
Lady Lilac 3.jpg

 a 40 cm blond mohair teddy bear, 
wearing an antique lace dress plus a hand-knitted cardigan.

Rianna 1.jpg
Rianna 2.jpg
Rianna 3.jpg
Rianna 4.jpg

Lady Pink,
 a 36 cm very soft, pale pink, curly mohair teddy bear. 
Wearing a hand made with flower embellishment.

Laady pink 1.jpg
Lady Pinks 2.jpg
Lady Pionks 3.jpg
Lady Pinks 4.jpg

 a 36 cm beige viscose pile, teddy bear wearing a silk harlequin's outfit.

Jojo 1.jpg
Jojo 2.jpg
Jojo 3.jpg
Jojo 4.jpg

a 28 cm blond mohair teddy bear, 
dressed as a ballerina in a tule tutu with an embroidered bodice with beading.

Roxanne 1.jpg
Roxanne 2.jpg
Roxanne 3.jpg
Roxanne 4.jpg

a 26 cm blond mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a dress made of old lace with a straw hat embellished with flowers.

Kate 1.jpg
Kate 2.jpg

King Pirate, 
a 62 CM black mohair one of a kind teddy bear, 
wearing a spectacular pirate's outfit and a real functional watch. 
Many embellishments and accessories. 

King 1.jpg
King 2.jpg
King 3.jpg
King 4.jpg
King 5.jpg
King 6.jpg

a 36 cm beige viscose pile, wearing a pure silk harlequins outfit.

Robins 1.jpg
Robins 2.jpg
Robins 3.jpg
Robins 5.jpg
Robins 4.jpg

a 36 cm beige mohair teddy bear, 
in a pirate's outfit with a real working watch.

Brutus 1.jpg
Brutus 2.jpg
Brutus 3.jpg
Brutus 4.jpg
Brutus 5.jpg

 a 40 cm blond mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a dress made of antique lace and a hand-knitted cardigan.

Gabriella 1.jpg
Gabriella 2.jpg
Gabriella 3.jpg
Gabriella 4.jpg

a 50 cm long, extremely soft, 
blond curly mohair teddy bear with a leather collar with bells.

Hans 1.jpg
Hans 2.jpg
Hans 3.jpg
Hans 4.jpg

a 36 cm blond mohair teddy bear, wearing a hand-knitted cardigan, 
lace dress and straw hat with flowers.

Sumer 1.jpg
sumer 2.jpg
sumer 3.jpg
Sumer 4.jpg

 an 16 cm, off-white mohair mouse.

Pipsa 1.jpg
Pipsa 2.jpg
Pipsa 3.jpg

a 35 cm (excl. ears) black and off-white mohair Bunny.

Pam 1.jpg
Pam 2.jpg
Pam 3.jpg
pam 4.jpg

a 60 cm long pile black mohair teddy bear.

Orlando 1.jpg
Orlando 2.jpg
Orlando 3.jpg
Orlando 4.jpg
Orlando 5.jpg

Black Pirate, 
a 45 cm black long pile mohair teddy bear, wearing a pirate's outfit

BP 1.jpg
BP 2.jpg
BP 3.jpg
BP 4.jpg
BP 5.jpg
BP 6.jpg

Tiny pirate, 
a 21 cm off-white viscose teddy bear, wearing a genuine leather hat.

TP 1.jpg

Roberto the pirate, 
a 36 cm caramel brown mohair teddy bear, wearing a dark green pirate's coat, 
a genuine leather hat plus a functional pocket watch.

Roberto 1.jpg
Roberto 2.jpg
Roberto 3.jpg
Roberto 4.jpg
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