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Brand new


Best Friends,
 a set of an18 cm (excl. ears) bunny and
an 18 cm Mouse. Made of light blue mohair.

Best Friends 1.jpg
Best Friends 2.jpg
Best Friends 3.jpg

 a 18 cm dark blond mohair mouse, comes with his little backpack and drum.

Fen 1.jpg
Fen 2.jpg
Fen 3.jpg
Fen 4.jpg

a 24 CM (excl. ears) brown and white viscose pile Bunny. 
She is wearing a white dress with lace and flowers plus she comes with a little handbag

Tari 1.jpg
Tari 2.jpg
Tari 3.jpg
Tari 4.jpg

 a 42 cm pale pink long curly mohair teddy bear.

Sida 1.jpg
Sida 2.jpg
Sida 3.jpg
Sida 4.jpg

 a 19 CM (excl. ears) blond viscose bunny. 
She is wearing a hand knitted dress.

Vanja 1.jpg
Vanja 2.jpg
Vanja 3.jpg
Vanja 4.jpg

Selena ,
a 48 CM honey colored very soft kit mohair teddy bear.

Selena 1.jpg
Selena 2.jpg
Selena 3.jpg
Selena 4.jpg
Selena 5.jpg

Chanel Rabbit, 
a 35 cm (excl. ears) blond mohair rabbit, wearing a chanel out fit with necklaces and a bag.

Chanel rabbit 1.jpg
Chanel Rabbit  2.jpg
Chanel Rabbit 3.jpg
Chanel Rabbit 4.jpg
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