Gallery 20 - Anna Hoo

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Gallery 20

50 cm dark blond curly mohair teddy bear, dressed in uniform made of 100% wool felt embellished with gold metal wire trimmings gold buttons.
Wearing hat matching outfit. 
Coat is fully lined with gold satin. 
Outfit made in tailored style.

Stephano 1.jpg
Stephano 2.jpg
Stephano 3.jpg
Stephano 4.jpg
Stephano 5.jpg
Stephano 6.jpg
Stephano 7.jpg

34 cm excl ears light brown/ off-white curly mohair Bunny, wearing uniform jacket made of dark blue and red 100% wool felt embellished with trimmings and gold buttons

Brian 1.jpg
Brian 2.jpg
Brian 3.jpg
Brian 4.jpg
Brian 5.jpg
Brian 6.jpg

 28 cm Blond Sparse mohair teddy bear, wearing fantasy uniform made of 100% wool felt with gold wire tape trimmings and piping. hat and jacket lined with gold satin.

Alec 1.jpg
Alec 2.jpg
Alec 3.jpg
Alec 4.jpg
Alec 5.jpg
Alec 6.jpg
Alec 7.jpg

28 cm light caramel mohair teddy bear, with art print on belly in clowns theme

Kiko 1.jpg
Kiko 2.jpg
Kiko 3.jpg
Kiko 4.jpg
Kiko 5.jpg
Kiko 6.jpg

18 cm (excl. ears) light caramel mohair mouse, in harlequin style wearing felt hat and vintage silk bow at neck and tail.

Jerry 1.jpg
Jerry 2.jpg
Jerry 3.jpg
Jerry 4.jpg
Jerry 5.jpg
Jerry 6.jpg
Jerry 7.jpg

20 cm grey mohair elephant. Ears and feet with wool felt

Bono 1.jpg
Bono 2.jpg
Bono 3.jpg
Bono 4.jpg
Bono 5.jpg

34 cm (excl. ears) pale lilac and off-white curly mohair hare, wearing antique lace collar.

Diego 1.jpg
Diego 2.jpg
Diego 3.jpg
Diego 4.jpg
Diego 5.jpg
Diego 6.jpg
Diego 7.jpg

Pien and Fikkie,
 a lovely set Mouse and dog. 
Pien 14 cm excl. ears off-white mohair wearing a green liberty dress with hand made Russian shoes. 
Dog Fikkie is wool felted.

Pien 1.jpg
Pien 2.jpg
Pien 3.jpg
Pien 4.jpg
Pien 5.jpg

28 cm blond curly mohair teddy bear, 
wearing ballet outfit with boned bodice and tulle tutu

Claire 1.jpg
Claire 2.jpg
Claire 3.jpg
Claire 4.jpg
Claire 5.jpg

40 cm long blond curly mohair teddy bear, 
wearing leather collar with rusted bells

Marlon 1.jpg
Marlon 2.jpg
Marlon 3.jpg
Marlon 4.jpg
Marlon 5.jpg
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