Gallery 21 - Anna Hoo

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Gallery 21

18 cm (excl. ears) brown and white mohair hare, 
wearing "grandpa's waistcoat"made of wool in Higgins plead with stripped lining back. 
Plus pocket watch.

Danilo 1.jpg
Danilo 2.jpg
Danilo 3.jpg
Danilo 4.jpg

40 cm light brown mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a silk with angora hand knitted cardigan and a dress made of old lace. 
Her friend is Helena a 35 cm teddy bear.

Dottie 1.jpg
Dottie 2.jpg
Dottie 3.jpg
Dottie 4.jpg
Dottie 5.jpg
Dottie 6.jpg
Dottie 7.jpg

18 cm grey mohair mouse, wearing hand knitted cardigan and handmade leather shoulder bag.

Indra 1.jpg
Indra 2.jpg
Indra 3.jpg
Indra 4.jpg
Indra 5.jpg

18 cm brown-white sparse mohair bunny, with flappy ears and airbrushed features.

Flappy 1.jpg
Flappy 2.jpg
Flappy 3.jpg
Flappy 4.jpg

 18 CM (excl. ears) beige and pale pink mohair hare, wearing vintage silk ribbon bow and with airbrushed features.

Paddy 1.jpg
Paddy 2.jpg
Paddy 3.jpg
Paddy 4.jpg
Paddy 5.jpg

40 cm dark blonde sparse mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a waistcoat and jacket made of herring bone cashmere wool, 
jacket embellished with faux suede collar and elbow patches, front wearing a chain pocket watch. 

Bob 1.jpg
Bob 2.jpg
Bob 3.jpg
Bob 4.jpg
Bob 5.jpg
Bob 6.jpg
Bob 7.jpg

34 cm light caramel mohair teddy bear, on his belly an art print embellished with trim.

Nout 1.jpg
Nout 2.jpg
Nout 3.jpg
Nout 4.jpg
Nout 5.jpg

46 cm curly two tone tipped mohair teddy bear, with vintage ribbon bow.

Barney 1.jpg
Barney 2.jpg
Barney 3.jpg
Barney 4.jpg
Barney 5.jpg

24 cm blond sparse mohair teddy bear ,
wearing a midnight bleu felt outfit with vintage gold and antique brass embellishments.

Demy 1.jpg
Demy 2.jpg
Demy 3.jpg
Demy 4.jpg
Demy 5.jpg

Little Pirate, 
21 cm blond sparse mohair bear, 
wearing leather hat, 
and felt jacket bot embellished with antique brass colored metal ornaments and metal wire edge. 
All handmade 

Little Pirate 1.jpg
Little Pirate 2.jpg
Little Pirate 3.jpg
Little Pirate 4.jpg
Little Pirate 5.jpg
Little Pirate 6.jpg
Little Pirate 7.jpg
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