Gallery 15 - Anna Hoo

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Gallery 15


a 28 cm light brown mohair Mouse,
 wearing a wool coat and a leather satchel bag.

Cato 28 1.jpg
Cato 28 2.jpg
Cato 28 3.jpg
Cato 28 4.jpg

a 48 cm brown mohair teddy bear, 
wearing an antique cotton very delicate and handmade blouse. 

Rosalind 1.jpg
Rosalind 2.jpg
Rosalind 3.jpg
Rosalind 4.jpg
Rosalind 5.jpg
Rosalind 6.jpg
Rosalind 7.jpg

a 34 cm (excl. ears) creme colored mohair bunny, 
wearing a sailor outfit in vintage look

Terry 1.jpg
Terry 2.jpg
Terry 3.jpg
Terry 4.jpg

a 40 cm brown mohair Teddy Bear, wearing an antique blouse rare piece.

Rohna 1.jpg
Rohna  2.jpg
Rohna 3.jpg
Rohna 4.jpg
Rohna 5.jpg

a 28 cm light brown mohair Teddy Bear. 
Belle is a prima ballerina and is wearing a tutu made of tulle 
bodice made of lace with boning inside, 
incl mini point shoes in light blue satin.

Belles 1.jpg
Belles 2.jpg
Belles 3.jpg
Belles 4.jpg

a 60 cm gold blond beautiful original steiff long curly mohair, 
wearing a vintage ribbon bow.

Anttonys 1.jpg
Anttonys 2.jpg
Anttonys 3.jpg
Anttonys 4.jpg
Anttonys 5.jpg
Anttonys 6.jpg
Anttonys 7.jpg
Anttonys 8.jpg

a 34 cm brown mohair teddy bear, wearing a sailor suit

Thieme 1.jpg
Thieme 2.jpg
Thieme 3.jpg
Thieme 4.jpg
Thieme 5.jpg
Thieme 6.jpg

a 28 cm (excl. ears) off white mohair bunny, wearing a flower embellished tutu mini point shoes included.

Arina 1.jpg
Arina 2.jpg
Arina 3.jpg
Arina 4.jpg
Arina 5.jpg

a 50 cm long curly mohair creme colored musical Teddy Bear. 
When pulled at cord it plays a lovely theme. 
 Harlequin hat made of felt and collar made of vintage ribbon.

RobinQ 1.jpg
RobinQ 2.jpg
RobinQ 3.jpg
RobinQ 4.jpg
RobinQ 5.jpg
RobinQ 6.jpg
RobinQ 7.jpg

a 14 cm off-white mohair mouse, 
wearing a hand knitted cardigan and holding a rattle, her friend is Pipje.

Pippeloentje 1.jpg
Pippeloentje 2.jpg
Pippeloentje 3.jpg

an 18 cm pink mohair mouse, 
wearing a hand knitted cardigan and his friend is Pippeloetje

Pipje 1.jpg
Pipje 2.jpg
Pipje 3.jpg
Pipje 4.jpg

a 24 cm viscose peach colored teddy bear with an art print on its belly.

Rinke 1.jpg
Rinke 2.jpg
Rinke 3.jpg

 a 40 cm long curly pale peach colored mohair teddy bear. 
Rinke is her friend.

Azra 1.jpg
Azra 2.jpg
Azra 3.jpg
Azra 4.jpg
Azra 5.jpg

 a 48 cm musical teddy bear, made of long curly pale peach colored mohair. 
Pull the cord gently it plays "das sandmännchen" song.
 Azra and Rinke are her friends.

Arabella 1.jpg
Arabella 2.jpg
Arabella 3.jpg
Arabella 4.jpg
Arabella 5.jpg
Arabella 6.jpg
Arabella 7.jpg

a 22 cm dark blond mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a dress of old batist and vintage lace.

Jamie 1.jpg
Jamie 2.jpg
Jamie 3.jpg
Jamie 4.jpg
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