Gallery 13 - Anna Hoo

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Gallery 13


Ragetti the Pirate, 
a 48 cm taupe colored mohair teddy bear. 
 Dressed as a Pirate captain in a brocade waistcoat and red velvet with antique brass colored bullion wired trims. 
Collar and cuff frills made of old lace. 
A leather hat and lots accessories among a functional pocket watch.

Ragetti The Pirate 1.jpg
Ragetti The Pirate 2.jpg
Ragetti The Pirate 3.jpg
Ragetti The Pirate 4.jpg
Ragetti The Pirate 5.jpg
Ragetti The Pirate 6.jpg
Ragetti The Pirate 8.jpg
Ragetti The Pirate 9.jpg

a 34 cm ( excl. ears), light brown Rabbit, 
wearing a waistcoat and blazer made of cashmere wool.

Christoph 1.jpg
Christoph 2.jpg
Christoph 3.jpg
Christoph 4.jpg
Christoph 5.jpg
Christoph 7.jpg
Christoph 8.jpg

a 48 cm brown long curly mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a creme white wool felt uniform with gold trimmings and embellishments. 
His cuffs and collar is made of old lace

Ferdinand 1.jpg
Ferdinand 2.jpg
Ferdinand 3.jpg
Ferdinand 4.jpg
Ferdinand 5.jpg
Ferdinand 6.jpg
Ferdinand 7.jpg

a 46 CM light brown mohair teddy bear. 
Wearing a jacket and waistcoat made of wool/cashmere 
plus real functional pocket watch.

Mark 1.jpg
Mark 2.jpg
Mark 3.jpg
Mark 4.jpg
Mark 5.jpg
Mark 6.jpg
Mark 7.jpg

 a 29 cm ( excl ears) long blond curly mohair bunny, 
wearing a waistcoat with a little watch and a pipe.


Pepeyn 1.jpg
Pepeyn 2.jpg
Pepeyn 3.jpg
Pepeyn 4.jpg
Pepeyn 5.jpg
Pepeyn 6.jpg

 Nevine musical ballerina,
 a 46 cm blond curly mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a bodice made of pale pink silk embellished with beads and sequins. 
Tutu made of feathered tulle. Including mini point shoes. 
This musical ballerina plays swan lake melody when pulling cord at back.

Nevine 1.jpg
Nevine 2.jpg
Nevine 3.jpg
Nevine 4.jpg
Nevine 5.jpg
Nevine 6.jpg
Nevine 7.jpg

 Barbossa the Pirate, 
a 60 light taupe colored long curly mohair teddy bear. 
Wearing a brocade waistcoat and a dark green velvet Pirate coat embellished with old bronze trim and buttons. 
A genuine leather Pirate hat en genuine leather shoulder belt with a saber. 
Cuff and collar ruffles made of beautiful old lace. 
His pocket watches a real functional pirate watch, a necklace with two pirate keys.

Barbossa 1.jpg
Barbossa 2.jpg
Barbossa 3.jpg
Barbossa 4.jpg
Barbossa 5.jpg
Barbossa 6.jpg
Barbossa 7.jpg
Barbossa 8.jpg
Barbossa 9.jpg
Barbossa 10.jpg

 Little Mouse, 
a 14 cm light brown mohair mouse, with a red bow.

Little Mouse 1.jpg
Little Mouse 2.jpg
Little Mouse 3.jpg
Little Mouse 4.jpg

Chico the Piccolo, 
an 18 cm light brown mohair mouse, 
wearing a wool felt piccolo outfit trimmed with gold trim.

Chico P 1.jpg
Chico P 2.jpg
Chico P 3.jpg
Chico P 4.jpg
Chico P 5.jpg
Chico P 6.jpg

 Little Ballerina, 
an 18 cm light brown mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a tutu made of tulle and lace including the miniature ballerina and the point shoes.

Little Ballerina 1.jpg
Little Ballerina 2.jpg
Little Ballerina 3.jpg
Little Ballerina 4.jpg
Little Ballerina 5.jpg

 Lady Shayenne, 
a 47 cm apricot colored very long curly mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a lace collar and a brooch. this is a very special mohair. 
This musical bear plays a lovely melody if you pull the cord at the back.

Shayenne 1.jpg
Shayenne 2.jpg
Shayenne 3.jpg
Shayenne 4.jpg
Shayenne 5.jpg
Shayenne 6.jpg
Shayenne 7.jpg
Shayenne 8.jpg

a 50 cm apricot colored very long curly, mohair teddy bear, 
wearing beautiful hand made flower piece. 
This is a very special mohair.  

Amy 1.jpg
Amy 2.jpg
Amy 3.jpg
Amy 4.jpg
Amy 5.jpg
Amy 6.jpg
Amy 7.jpg

a 60 cm apricot colored very long curly mohair teddy bear,
 wearing a genuine leather neck collar with bells. This is a very special mohair 

Natan 1.jpg
Natan 2.jpg
Natan 3.jpg
Natan 4.jpg
Natan 5.jpg
Natan 6.jpg
Natan 7.jpg

a 30 cm blond long curly mohair teddy bear ,
wearing a harlequin made from embroidered silk

Alister 1.jpg
Alister 2.jpg
Alister 3.jpg
Alister 4.jpg
Alister 5.jpg

a 22 cm light brown mohair bunny, 
wearing a uniform jacket. 

Bonis 2.jpg
Bonis 4.jpg
Bonis 5.jpg

a 18 cm light brown colored mohair sailor mouse, 
wearing a nautical outfit.

Thom 1.jpg
Thom 2.jpg
Thom 3.jpg
Thom 4.jpg
Thom 5.jpg

a 50 cm pale pink long curly mohair teddy bear, 
with a genuine leather schoolbag.

Pink 1.jpg
Pink 2.jpg
Pink 3.jpg
Pink 4.jpg
Pink 5.jpg
Pink 6.jpg
Pink 7.jpg

a 50 cm long curly caramel colored mohair, 
dressed as a french nobleman. 
Wearing a waistcoat and jacket plus hat of jacquard fabric trimmed with antique trim.

LA Fayette 1.jpg
LA Fayette 2.jpg
LA Fayette 3.jpg
LA Fayette 4.jpg
LA Fayette 5.jpg
LA Fayette 6.jpg
LA Fayette 7.jpg
LA Fayette 8.jpg
LA Fayette 9.jpg

a 50 cm light blond colored curly mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a wool felt with gold embroideries, pipings, 
and shoulder epaulets with gold wire fringe.

Balthazar 1.jpg
Balthazar 2.jpg
Balthazar 3.jpg
Balthazar 4.jpg
Balthazar 5.jpg
Balthazar 6.jpg
Balthazar 7.jpg
Balthazar 8.jpg
Balthazar 9.jpg

a 18 cm pale pink mohair harlequin mouse.

Bobbie 1.jpg
Bobbie 2.jpg
Bobbie 3.jpg
Bobbie 4.jpg

a 40 cm brown colored mohair teddy bear, wearing an antique blouse.

Iris 1.jpg
Iris 2.jpg
Iris 3.jpg
Iris 4.jpg
Iris 5.jpg
Iris 6.jpg
Iris 7.jpg

a 40 cm tall caramel colored mohair teddy bear,
 wearing a sailor outfit comes with swimming band.

Joppes 1.jpg
Joppes 5.jpg
Joppes 2.jpg
Joppes 3.jpg
Joppes 4.jpg

Miss Mouse, 
a 30 cm tall light brown mohair mouse, 
wearing a woolen coat with embroidery and a leather satchel.

Miss Mouse 1.jpg
Miss Mouse 2.jpg
Miss Mouse 3.jpg
Miss Mouse 4.jpg
Miss Mouse 5.jpg

"The Pirate King" 
a 60 cm tall light brown long curly mohair pirate bear, wearing a velvet coat embellished with bronze colored wire tape and buttons. 
Underneath a brocade waistcoat. 
Also a leather belt and hat, a pirate sword, a real functional pocket watch when pushing the de button it springs open. 
On his head wearing a silk taffeta bandanna, lots of extra accessories.

The Pirate King 1.jpg
The Pirate King 2.jpg
The Pirate King 3.jpg
The Pirate King 4.jpg
The Pirate King 5.jpg
The Pirate King 6.jpg
The Pirate King 7.jpg
The Pirate King 8.jpg
The Pirate King 9.jpg

a 35 cm light blue colored mohair musical teddy bear, 
when pulling the cord at the back he plays a lovely tune.

Jesse 1.jpg
Jesse 2.jpg
Jesse 3.jpg
Jesse 4.jpg

a 35 cm pale pink mohair musical teddy bear, 
when pulling cord at the back a lovely tune is playing. 

Jamy 1.jpg
Jamy 2.jpg
Jamy 3.jpg
Jamy 4.jpg

 a 14 cm light brown mohair mouse, 
wearing a hand knitted cardigan.

Toby 1.jpg
Toby 2.jpg
Toby 4.jpg

a 30 cm light brown colored mohair mouse, 
wearing a hand knitted cardigan made of 100% angora wool.

Rianne 1.jpg
Rianne 2.jpg
Rianne 3.jpg
Rianne 4.jpg
Rianne 5.jpg

a 35 cm (excl. ears) tall creme colored long curly mohair hare, 
wearing a harlequin hat.

Piet 1.jpg
Piet 2.jpg
Piet 3.jpg
Piet 4.jpg
Piet 5.jpg
Piet 6.jpg
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