Gallery 5 - Anna Hoo

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Gallery 5


a 42 cm honey colored, 
very soft kit mohair teddy bear.

Ashas 1.jpg
Ashas 2.jpg
Ashas 3.jpg
Ashas 4.jpg
Ashas 5.jpg
Ashas 6.jpg

a 48 cm chocolate colored long curly mohair teddy bear. 
 His outfit is a wool felt with lots of trimming 
and embellishments ,incl. the brass bugle.

George 1.jpg
George 2.jpg
George 3.jpg
George 4.jpg
George 5.jpg

a 46 cm light brown long curly mohair teddy bear, 
in "chanel" jacket with "chanel" byoux and handbag.

Chanel 1.jpg
Chanel 2.jpg
Chanel 3.jpg
Chanel 4.jpg
Chanel 5.jpg

a 17 cm blond mohair mouse 
wearing a handknitted sweater with little ducklings pattern.

Gino 1.jpg
Gino 2.jpg
Gino 3.jpg

a 19 CM (excl. ears) white viscose bunny, 
wearing a hand knitted dress and bonnet.

Carlijn 1.jpg
Carlijn 2.jpg
Carlijn 3.jpg

a 35 cm (excl. ears) pink mohair bunny, 
with english glass eyes and eyelids. 
Wearing a lace with vintage silk flowers. 
Comes with vintage decoration egg.

Ilvy 1.jpg
Ilvy 2.jpg
Ilvy 3.jpg
Ilvy 4.jpg
Ilvy 5.jpg
Ilvy 6.jpg

Musical teddy bear Jill,
a 60 cm pink long curly mohair teddy bear.
 She has english glass eyes with eyelids, wearing a ribbon made from old lace 
a flower headpiece of vintage flower.
 When you pull the small cord in the back she play a lovely tune.

Jills 1.jpg
Jills 2.jpg
Jills 3.jpg
Jills 4.jpg
Jills 5.jpg
Jills 6.jpg
Jills 7.jpg
Jills 8.jpg

 a 30 cm (excl. ears) black and white mohair bunny.

Dreams 1.jpg
Dreams 2.jpg
Dreams 3.jpg

Musical Teddy Sybelle,
 a 35 cm off-white mohair teddy bear, wearing a bleu wool coat with embroideries. 
When pulling the small cord at the back it plays a lovely tune.

Sybelle 1.jpg
Sybelle 2.jpg
Sybelle 3.jpg
Sybelle 4.jpg

Little Venice, 
a 18 cm black mohair teddy bear.

Little V 1.jpg
Little V 2.jpg
Little V 3.jpg
Little V 4.jpg

Venice , 
a 40 CM black mohair teddy bear in Venetian style.

Venitian 1.jpg
Venitian 2.jpg
Venitian 3.jpg
Venitian 4.jpg
Venitian 5.jpg

a 25 cm blond curly mohair teddy bear, in ballerina outfit.

Scarlett 01.jpg
Scarlett 02.jpg
Scarlett 03.jpg
Scarlett 04.jpg

 an 16 cm blond mohair teddy bear.

Edwards 1.jpg
Edwards 2.jpg
Edwards 3.jpg

Mini Pirate "Little Barbossa",
 a 19 cm light brown mohair teddy bear, in pirate outfit.

Li Barbossa 1.jpg
Li Barbossa 2.jpg
Li Barbossa 3.jpg
Li Barbossa 4.jpg
Li Barbossa 5.jpg

 a 48 cm blond long curly mohair teddy bear, wearing a flower headpiece

Sprint 1.jpg
Sprint 2.jpg
Sprint 3.jpg
Sprint 4.jpg
Sprint 5.jpg
Sprint 6.jpg
Sprint 7.jpg
Sprint 8.jpg

Nautical Bunny,
a 28 cm (excl. ears) white mohair bunny, 
wearing a midnight bleu wool felt nautical outfit.

Nautical B 1.jpg
Nautical B 2.jpg
Nautical B 3.jpg
Nautical B 4.jpg

Peter aus Tirol, 
an 18 cm light brown mohair mouse, 
wearing a genuine leather tiroler pants.

Pater A1 .jpg
Pater A2.jpg
Pater A3.jpg
Pater A4.jpg

a 62 cm very soft mauve colored kitt mohair teddy bear. 
English glass eyes in mauve color. 
He is wearing a leather neck collar with bells.

Leroys 1.jpg
Leroys 2.jpg
Leroys 7.jpg
Leroys 6.jpg
Leroys 5.jpg
Leroys 4.jpg
Leroys 3.jpg

Blom , 
a 36 cm ( excl. ears) blue grey long curly mohair,
 combined with white long curly mohair. 

Blom 1.jpg
Blom 2.jpg
Blom 3.jpg
Blom 4.jpg
Blom 5.jpg
Blom 6.jpg
Blom 7.jpg

Bleu eyes, 
a 50 cm blue grey long curly mohair teddy bear, wearing vintage flower head piece 
with lace collar with flowers. 
She has a voice a crawl. 

Blue Eyes 1.jpg
Blue Eyes 2.jpg
Blue Eyes 3.jpg
Blue Eyes 4.jpg
Blue Eyes 5.jpg
Blue Eyes 6.jpg
Blue Eyes 7.jpg

Little Coco, 
a 35 CM long blond curly mohair teddy bear, 
wearing Chanel jacket with handbag and necklaces.

Little Coco 1.jpg
Little Coco 2.jpg
Little Coco 3.jpg
Little Coco 4.jpg
Little Coco 5.jpg
Little Coco 6.jpg

Chanel Mouse, 
a 27 cm light brown mohair teddy bear. Wearing a chanel jacket with bag and necklaces.

Chanel Mouse 1.jpg
Chanel Mouse 2.jpg
Chanel Mouse 3.jpg
Chanel Mouse 4.jpg
Chanel Mouse 5.jpg

Madam Chanel, 
a 40 cm beige viscose pile Teddy Bear, 
wearing a chanel jacket come with bag, earrings and necklaces.

Madam C 1.jpg
Madam C 2.jpg
Madam C  3.jpg
Madam C 4.jpg
Madam C 5.jpg
Madam C 6.jpg
Madam C 7.jpg
Madam C 8.jpg
Madam C 9.jpg

Red Panda, 
a 40 cm red long curly mohair and black alpaca teddy bear.

Red panda 1.jpg
red panda 2.jpg
Red panda 3.jpg
Red panda 4.jpg
Red Panda 5.jpg

a 30 CM cream colored viscose teddy bear, 
wearing a pure silk full embroidered harlequin suit.

Harle 1.jpg
Harle 2.jpg
Harle 3.jpg
Harle 4.jpg
Harle 5.jpg
Harle 6.jpg

a 36 cm , brown mauve tipped curly mohair teddy bear, 
eyes mauve colored with eyelets. 
Wearing al leather collar with bells.

Jorre 1.jpg
Jorre 2.jpg
Jorre 3.jpg
Jorre 4.jpg
Jorre 5.jpg

a 46 cm, brown with mauve tip curly mohair teddy bear. 
Beautiful mauve colored eyed with eyelets wearing a leather collar with bells.

Joffrey 1.jpg
Joffrey 2.jpg
Joffrey 3.jpg
Joffrey 4.jpg
Joffrey 5.jpg

Steam Punk Steff,
a 36 CM long curly caramel colored mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a steampunk jacket and hat.

Steff 6.jpg
Steff 1.jpg
Steff 2.jpg
Steff 3.jpg
Steff 4.jpg
Steff 5.jpg

Mademoiselle Chanel, 
a 48 cm of-white long curly mohair teddy bear. 
Wearing a chanel jacket and bag embellished with lots of 

MM Chanel 1.jpg
MM Chanel 2.jpg
MM Chanel 3.jpg
MM Chanel 4.jpg
MM Chanel 5.jpg
MM Chanel 6.jpg

Baby bear Channa, 
an 18 cm pale pink viscose pile teddy bear. Wearing hand crochet shoes and jacket 

Channa 1.jpg
Channa 3.jpg

a 23 cm ( excl. ears) blond and off-white mohair bunny, wearing a hand crochet collar, hat and handbag.

Oekie 1.jpg
Oekie 2.jpg
Oekie 3.jpg
Oekie 4.jpg
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