Gallery 19 - Anna Hoo

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Gallery 19


Marlene, 34 cm caramel sparse mohair teddy bear
wearing a vintage silk flower with an antique ribbon bow.

Marlene 1.jpg
Marlene 2.jpg
Marlene 3.jpg
Marlene 4.jpg
Marlene 5.jpg
Marlene 6.jpg
Marlene 7.jpg

Howard, 60 cm off white curly mohair teddy bear, 
wearing a vintage leather neck belt with rusty bells. Has a crowl.

Howard 1.jpg
Howard 2.jpg
Howard 3.jpg
Howard 4.jpg
Howard 5.jpg
Howard 6.jpg
Howard 7.jpg

A family of very precious 2-toned tipped mohair teddy bears and a hare, 
soft curl 2-toned light caramel with antique blue tipped.

from left to right:
1) Cathleen 45 cm girl. 2) Octavio 50 cm clown bear. 3) Obbe 34 cm (excl. ears) hare. 4) Jerome 60 CM teddy bear with growl voice. 5) Boni 40 cm clown bear.

Tipped Boni.jpg
Tipped Cathleen.jpg
Tipped Family.jpg
Tipped Jerome.jpg
Tipped Obbe.jpg
Tipped Octavio.jpg

45 CM very precious 2-toned tipped curly mohair teddy bear. 
Wearing beaded headpiece with vintage beads and flowers.

Cathleen 1.jpg
Cathleen 2.jpg
Cathleen 3.jpg
Cathleen 4.jpg
Cathleen 5.jpg
Cathleen 6.jpg
Cathleen 7.jpg
Cathleen 8.jpg

50 CM ver,y precious tipped soft-curl mohair teddy bear 
2-tones light caramel with antique blue tipped. 
Wearing felt hat, felt pompoms at belly and silk ribbons at the neck.

Octavio 1.jpg
Octavio 2.jpg
Octavio 3.jpg
Octavio 4.jpg
Octavio 5.jpg
Octavio 6.jpg
Octavio 7.jpg
Octavio 8.jpg
Octavio 9.jpg

34 CM (excl. Ears)very precious 2-toned tipped curly mohair hare. .
With felt pompoms on his belly and vintage silk ribbon round his neck

Obbe 1.jpg
Obbe 2.jpg
Obbe 3.jpg
Obbe 4.jpg
Obbe 5.jpg
Obbe 6.jpg
Obbe 7.jpg
Obbe 8.jpg

60 cm very precious tipped curly mohair teddy bear, soft curl 2 tones light caramel with antique blue tipped. 
Growl voice and round his neck wrinkle ribbon. 

Jerome 1.jpg
Jerome 2.jpg
Jerome 3.jpg
Jerome 4.jpg
Jerome 5.jpg
Jerome 6.jpg
Jerome 7.jpg
Jerome 8.jpg
Jerome 9.jpg

40 cm very precious 2-toned tipped curly mohair teddy bear, soft curl 2-toned light caramel with antique blue tipped. 
Wearing round his neck wrinkle ribbon.

Boni 1.jpg
Boni 2.jpg
Boni 3.jpg
Boni 4.jpg
Boni 5.jpg
Boni 6.jpg
Boni 7.jpg

hand crochet Duck 7.5cm height, 
100% cotton.  

Duck 1.jpg
Duck 2.jpg
Duck 3.jpg
Duck 4.jpg

hand crochet frog sitting 16cm height width 23 cm.
100% cotton.  

Frog 1.jpg
Frog 2.jpg
Frog 3.jpg
Frog 4.jpg

Lady In Pink, 
40 cm grey-blond mohair teddy bear, dressed in an "Ascot" style outfit with antique golden lace and flower embellishments. 
Bodice with boning all made in couture style.

Lady Pink 1.jpg
Lady Pink 2.jpg
Lady Pink 3.jpg
Lady Pink 4.jpg
Lady Pink 5.jpg
Lady Pink 6.jpg
Lady Pink 7.jpg

Lafayette Rouge, 
45 cm grey-blond mohair teddy bear with growl, wearing a stunning jacquard woven outfit with buttons and piping. 
Lining gold Satin plus matching all made in couture style. 
Exclusive artisan workmanship.

Lafayette Rouge 1.jpg
Lafayette Rouge 2.jpg
Lafayette Rouge 3.jpg
Lafayette Rouge 4.jpg
Lafayette Rouge 5.jpg
Lafayette Rouge 6.jpg
Lafayette Rouge 7.jpg
Lafayette Rouge 8.jpg
Lafayette Rouge 9.jpg
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